Britton Shepard, MLA

Born and raised in Boulder, Britton pursued a liberal arts education at Pomona College in Los Angeles. After graduation he moved to Seattle and began his 20 year career in the landscape industry. The first 8 years were spent working as a crew member with Hendrikus Schraven where he specialized in stone masonry and landscape construction.

Over time Britton branched out into his own landscape design and build company, while also growing his academic career to include an Master's in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. Along the way he has filed patents for Bio-Char manufacturing and research, conducted archaeological landscape installations and raised his kids in Fall City, Wa. Prior to started his own firm he worked in the studios of Olson Kundig.

With a rare combination of hands-on experience, rigorous academic training and aesthetics means Britton brings a completely unique blend of theory and practiced understanding to his work in the landscape.

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I believe that our most healthy landscapes grow out of an understanding of place. This understanding is both a heritage handed down to us, as well as something we cultivate through direct intuitive experience with the land and materials. Skill and intimacy with the installation process have always nourished my design capabilities and are the foundation for the trust between my clients and me.
— Britton